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  • Dylbug Figure Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    Making food art achievable for all ages. Made with families in mind. Every parent can ignite culinary creativity.

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  • Dylbug. Making Healthy Eating Fun

    Great for Bonding

    Create lasting memories in the kitchen together. Transform an ordinary snack and keep kids engaged and motivated to eat. 

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  • Dylbug Figure high quality personalized products

    High Quality

    We create products that hold up well through daily wear and tear. Our dishes are dishwasher safe and can be loved for many years.

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  • Dylbug Inclusive Designs

    Inclusive Designs

    Customized to look just like your little one. So every child feels valued, welcomed, included, and represented.

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How it Works

Easily design a plate that looks like your child, snag a fun food clothing cutter before you checkout.

Then use your cutter with your child to dress up their plate with a food outfit (example: a pancake dress). Include any food accessories you like, such as blueberry buttons and strawberry bows. When they ask, “Mom, can I have more strawberries to make flowers?”, you’ll know you had mealtime success.

Think of all of the creations you could come up with!

Why Families Love Our Plates!
Dylbug About Background Figures
Dylbug About Background Figures
Dylbug About Background Figures
Dylbug About Background Figures
Mom and Founder of Dylbug Leslie Mingo

Meet Leslie

About Dylbug

The Inspiration: Hello, I'm Leslie Mingo, the founder of Dylbug, a children's brand specializing in personalized products for little ones. Combining my love of cooking with my children and my graphic design talents I have created Dylbug Dress Up plates, food cutters, bowls + placemats. With these products my goal is to make healthy food fun for kids to eat. My most popular style is the Little Me - Dress Up. It's a personalized plate designed to look like your child, it comes ready to dress up with a clothing cutter, making their food fashionable.

Dylbug Completely Customizable Dishes for Kids

Completely Customizable

Dylbug plates are not just personalized.

"Paper Doll" Concept: we're the only brand you can find that has the "paper doll" concept on a plate. Imagine when you used to play paper dolls as a child. You had your paper doll and you got to swap out different paper outfits. Now imagine that same concept but on a plate. Instead of the doll, it's a mini version of your child and the outfits are made with food.

Inclusive: We offer many personalized options so every child feels represented. A child seeing themselves on their plate gives them a feeling of belonging. Being seen and valued reinforces they are important and that they matter. We've designed plates for children with limb differences, birthmarks, insulin pumps, hearing aids, vitiligo and many more.

Start Customizing

Start Customizing!

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Making Healthy Eating Fun

Our goal is to make healthy food fun for kids to eat. Our plates inspire kids and turn an ordinary snack into a funny food face. Making food faces encourages kids to get creative, while potentially helping them overcome their hesitation to try certain foods.

Our plates encourage and help picky eaters. Lay out a variety of colorful foods, include their favorites and those that they may be reluctant to try. Encourage them to create a "blueberry headband" or "strawberry cheeks" and explore food in a fun way without the pressure of eating it.

Be playful and enjoy a happy mealtime experience together!

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Dylbug Making Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

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