How it Works

Easily design a plate that looks like your child, snag a fun food clothing cutter before you checkout.

Then use your cutter with your child to dress up their plate with a food outfit (example: a cheese quesadilla dress). Include any food accessories you like, such as a yellow bell pepper skirt and cauliflower buns. When they ask, “Mom, can I have mango to make a flower?”, you’ll know you had mealtime success.

Think of all of the creations you could come up with!

Simply use your food cutter that is in the shape of a dress or shirt and pants, to cut out varies foods like pancakes, watermelon, sandwiches, cheese slices, and more.

Ready to Get Started

Making your own personalized plate is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Dylbug Pick Your Plate

    Pick Your Plate + Accessories

    Choose from a number of designs that fits your child’s personality. Do they like super heroes, mermaids, or a mini version of themselves?

  • Dylbug Start Customizing Your Plate

    Start Customizing

    Choose from many options such as hair style, hair color, eye color, skin color and name color.

  • Dylbug Decorate, Play and Eat with your Plate

    Decorate, Play, Eat!

    Now it’s time to use your imagination and get creative with food. Use your food cutter to cut out varies foods like pancakes, watermelon, sandwiches, cheese slices, and more.

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Start Customizing!

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Why Families Love Our Plates!

Dylbug plates help make mealtime playful while building connections.

"My son absolutely loves his plate! We were so excited to be able to customize his character to resemble him. He really enjoys dressing his plate up with all sorts of foods. I really feel like having that aspect of hands on play and creativity with these fun plates makes him more open to trying new foods! We ordered one for his sister too and they both have held up so well through frequent washes in the dishwasher. I highly recommend them to anyone with kids!"

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Dylbug Making Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

Get Started

Making Healthy Eating Fun

Dylbug plates make mealtime playful. Turn an ordinary snack into a funny food face. Making food faces encourages kids to get creative, while helping them overcome their hesitation to try certain foods.

Dylbug We care About Inclusivity

Completely Customizable

We Care About Inclusivity!

We want every child to feel valued, welcomed, included, and represented. That’s why we created customized products to look just like your little one. Click here to see how it works.

Dylbug Our Customer Gallery

Share Your Creations

Check Out Our Customer Gallery

Get inspired by our Happy Customer Food Gallery. Simple to use for even the busiest family & turn boring food into something exciting.Need ideas on how to use your plate? See what other customers have created.