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The InspirationHello, I'm Leslie Mingo, the founder of Dylbug, a children's brand specializing in personalized products for little ones. Combining my love of cooking with my children and my graphic design talents I have created Dylbug Dress Up plates, food cutters, bowls + placemats.

My most popular style is the Little Me - Dress Up. It's a personalized plate designed to look like your child, it comes ready to dress up with a clothing cutter, making their food fashionable. 

As a mother it has been very rewarding to create new food fashion for my little ones, I know it makes them happy and healthy. Dylbug Dress Up products are used and loved in our home and I have seen the joy it brings to other moms around the globe.

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My plates with a miniature child or animal and matching clothing cutters have been a huge success in getting my little ones excited about eating healthy. Coming home from school for an afternoon snack, my children cannot be grumpy being greeted by a strawberry tutu or carrot pants on a miniature version of themselves. I love to watch their creativity at work, two banana buttons become earrings, an earring is eaten and the other becomes a nose. There is nothing better than hearing, “Mom, can I have more raspberries to make shoes?” With the clothing cutters my children can easily cut out a watermelon dress or a sandwich shirt and pants, perfectly sized for their plate. My goal is to make healthy food fun for my kids and yours.
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Why Families Love Our Dishes

Dylbug plates help make mealtime playful while building connections & creating lasting memories in hte kitchen. Transform an ordinary snack and keep kids engaged and motivated to eat. 

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We Care About Inclusivity

We want every child to feel valued, welcomed, included, and represented. That’s why we created customized products to look just like your little one. Click here to see how it works.

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Get inspired by our Happy Customer Food Gallery. Simple to use for even the busiest family & turn boring food into something exciting.Need ideas on how to use your plate? See what other customers have created.

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