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By Guest Blogger Jacquelinne Altom

We are so excited to be partnering with Dylbug in guest posting today! Many of the faces behind the scenes at The Baby Cubby are both full time Cubby Moms and mamas and, our busy schedules often find us feeling defeated when it comes to providing our kids with easy, healthy eating choices that our munchkins will ACTUALLY eat!


In our search to truly put an end to the endless drive-thru stops and never-ending “What should we eat” debate, we came across the darling plates created by the lovely Leslie Mingo of Dylbug. Dylbug’s products provide a fun way to present healthy foods to our kids, undeniably making mealtime much more successful—it’s about time, right?
The size of the plate is absolutely perfect for a child and, with the array of styles and cutters, the possibilities are endless!  My kids felt so involved and connected to our first experience eating with Dylbug plates. They wanted to help with the meal prep, were beaming with pride at their creations and, as a result, happily ate the fruits of their labor! ;)
​I found that I could easily create a lunch by simply slicing some fruits and veggies, create a sammy with the darling custom cutters and, voila, a nutritious lunch for my little ones that was super appealing to them!
We are excited to say that Dylbug's darling products definitely warrant the Cubby Mom stamp of approval! From all of us at The Baby Cubby, we are so thankful to Leslie at Dylbug for sharing her talents and creations with us all! From one mom to another, you will never know how much those small victories, like getting our kids to eat better, mean to us! xx

To read more of our thoughts and get the exclusive promo code for Dylbug plates, head on over to The Cubby Community blog
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