Healthy Thanksgiving Themed Snack

By Guest Blogger Lauren Brimley

As a busy mom, I like to putting together really quick meals for my kids. Lunches usually consist of some sort of "snack plate". Snack plates are made up of anything I have on hand. I usually like to have a fruit or veggie, a protein, a dairy and a healthy fat. My toddler can be pretty picky so I like to present her food in a way that is fun and exciting and will make her want to eat her meal! Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner I decided to use my Dylbug dress-up plate to make a cute little turkey "outfit" out of some of the typical snack plate items I use for lunches.


I gather all of the items that I'd like to incorporate into her meal. I then start playing around! To make the turkey you will need:

banana, sliced
1/2 of a pear, sliced down the middle lengthwise
applegate turkey pepperoni
nitrate-free deli turkey, rolled and then sliced
raw almonds
cheddar cheese, cut into strips
I found that cutting the ends off of the raspberries made the "eyes" stay better on the pear. But other than that, everything was placed easily on the plate. I don't have time for lots of cutting and trimming, so this is a fun creation to make that will take you no longer than 5 minutes! My favorite kind of meal :)

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