Rainbow Picnic Lunch with Kids

By Guest Blogger Tara Nehil

If you have picky eaters on your hands or ones who think it’s fun to mix up the routine, give today’s activity a try! Since the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to host an outdoor picnic with your kids. Consider making it extra fun with Dylbug Little Me plates and a few rounds of the "Eat The Rainbow Game"!
Setting up this lunch is simple. Shop the grocery store (or just your fridge) for colorful food options to fit to colors of the rainbow. Our tray included red strawberries, orange baby carrots, yellow corn, green avocado, blue organic tortilla chips, and purple grapes. Tip: mix and match fruits and veggies and even textures, like crunchy chips with soft avocados. Let your kids explore a variety of flavors and textures when they eat. 
Set up their places with their personalized plates and, if desired, a base sandwich or wrap. We started with ham and cheese tortilla sandwiches cut into dress shapes with our heart dress cutter and each girl got to dress up their plate as we played the game.  We enjoyed our lunch on overcast spring day and with our mini picnic table set up in the backyard which they both thought was the coolest thing!
To play the eat the rainbow game, each child gets a dice and takes a turn rolling it. Whatever color it lands on, they can add that color item to their plate. If they’re older, you can get the colors and the numbers of the dice involved, adding colorful items that match the dice quantity to their plate. 
Regardless, give this game a roll (pun intended) and see their excitement as they finally get to be involved in the lunch planning process! Those who love rainbows, identifying colors or just enjoy being outside will love this al fresco rainbow lunch!

Guest blog post created by the funnest mom, Tara with  Spot Of Tea Designs. For more kid friendly ideas for crafts, parties and home decor you can also go follow her on Instagram

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